Washington DC


Historical buildings, African American history museum, Lincoln memorial, us capital building, Jefferson memorial
Image: LaVonne Grady

How I love DC.  I definitely think it should be on every American’s bucket list as one of the US destinations to see.  DC is such a great metropolitan city.  From the food to the sights you can’t miss a beat.  Even though I had only a day and a half, I managed to check out some of the local eats and see most of the monuments, thanks to the Hop On Hop Off bus tour.

The first night we decided to have drinks at RPM. RPM is an elegant Italian restaurant which started in Chicago by reality stars Giuliani and Bill Rancic, chef Doug Psaltis and partners. The drinks were amazing. The drink that I got was even more amazing as the mixologist made my drink at the table. For dinner we went to Farmers and Distillers.  Farmers and Distillers is a named one of the best new restaurants in DC. It’s a farm to table style restaurant much like it’s sister restaurant, Founding Farmer. For all the alcohol connoisseurs, Farmers and Distillers has an in house distillery.  The food was great and if you like comfort farm to table recipes, you’ll love Farmers and Distillers. It’s great for large families, friends, or colleagues.  For breakfast before our long filled day of activities, we decided to go to the Commisary for breakfast. It’s located in the cute neighborhood of Logan Circle. I really liked the location. It’s a cool hipster area. The breakfast was great! I love a good breakfast joint. For dinner we ended up at Old Ebbitt Grill. One of the iconic restaurants of DC. It’s been around since 1856. It’s an American classic Victorian style restaurant. I had the best conversations with fellow patrons. This young lady told us that the Old Ebbitt Grill is a local hangout for most politicians, what they call “ugly Hollywood.” I though that was funny how people get super excited to see their favorite politican.


Sexy drinks at RPM in Washington DC
Image: LaVonne Grady

During the day we took the Hop on Hop off bus to Arlington Cemetery. At first I wanted to skip it and go to Georgetown instead. Arlington Cemetery was closer and we were short on time so we ended up at the cemetery for times sake. I was completely moved by the changing of the guards. The crowd was massive and it was hard to see. There were a lot of students that came from different states on a field trip to make matters worse but, one of the students gave me his spot and I was able to get a glimpse of the changing of the guards. It was so touching. The atmosphere was very still and quiet. I couldn’t help but tear up. Here lies soldiers who died for our freedom and we don’t know there names. Writing this has me all teared up. The sacrifice that people make for our liberty is incredible. It was also an incredible to see the gravesites of the Kennedy family.

To sum it all up, the people are great, the sights are amazing, and the restaurants are incredible. Having only a day and trying to fit things in, I was able to get a sense of the city and the culture. Check out the profile for a complete look at the photos.