The Last Minute Elopement


I was surprised to get a phone call to do an elopement a few days before the couple’s ceremony. A week before I witnessed a quick elopement at my church. The couple wanted to get married before the baby was due so they asked the pastor if he would do a quick ceremony.  I felt moved by their situation that I wanted to bless them with a small photo shoot to commemorate their special day. I gave them my phone number and email and said let’s touch base on Monday. I also asked my colleagues if they wanted to join me. They said, “yes.” Monday came along and the couple never contacted me. I was surprised because I was going to gift them a one hour shoot and they didn’t accept it. So, I decided to let it go.

Five days letter I get a text from a pastor friend who said that a mutual friend of ours had recommended me to him to do this last minute elopement that he was performing in Malibu. I immediately said yes and was elated at the opportunity. I couldn’t believe it. Instead of me blessing and getting turned down, I got blessed with a paying gig. God is good. I really needed it. The timing couldn’t have been anymore perfect than this.

The location was at an Airbnb in the Malibu mountains overlooking an incredible view of the ocean. It was just the four of us, the pastor, me, and this sweet couple from England. The ceremony was sweet and short and we did a few shots up on the mountain. Afterwards they invited me to dinner at a really great restaurant in Malibu, Geoffreys. We all had a lovely dinner and great fellowship together. I decided that because the location of the ceremony was limited and they never got to get any beach shots, that I would meet them at the beach for a few more. They were happy that I would go out of my way to offer it to them.

Sometimes when we have a heart of giving even if the other person doesn’t receive the gift, good things come around. I believe that because I sowed generosity I ended up reaping a harvest. Always have a heart to give and you’ll be amazed what can happen. Check out the gallery for more images.

Babies and the Camera

It’s that season for weddings and even though they can be stressful to shoot, there’s nothing like capturing joy in people.  My favorite part of this weeding was the cute babies.  I never thought it would be so much fun to photograph babies.  It is so funny seeing adults act silly just to get these babies to smile and be relaxed.  We all had our hands flailing in the air and making silly faces to get them to smile or laugh, but most importantly to look at the camera.  Thanks to the parents and friends whoFeffer and Harriman wedding baby boy were my assistants.   Feffer and Harriman Wedding baby girl