23 Free Workout Plans That Will Totally Transform Your Body

This is a great start to getting the best ideas for working out. I never know what to do, how many reps to do, or what are the best exercises out there. Hope this helps. It’s not to late for the perfect beach body.


There’s only so many times you can do the same workout before it gets boring and you eventually, inevitably, give up on it entirely. Been there, done that–we get it. Not only does your motivation dwindle when exercise is boring, but repeating the same workout plan over and over can actually be ineffective, and cause your fitness to plateau.

Instead of falling into this fitness trap, add some interest to your exercise routine with these 23 (free!) workout plans that you can follow online. Ahead, we’ve ticked off everything from yoga sequences to treadmill intervals, circuits, bodyweight training, and more! Get moving, girl.

fitness blogger workout plans for the gymPhoto: Base Body Babes

1. Base Body Babes workout

Perform each exercise back to back, then rest for 120 seconds at the end, and repeat the  circuit again 4-6 times: Complete 12 x walking lunges (each way), 12 x incline dumbbell bench press, 12 x glute bridges, 12 x dumbbell bent over rows, 1…

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