Cross Creek


My friend and I decided that we needed a really good mountain climb.  This trail is one of the many amazing trails in Malibu.  The views span from the Conejo Valley to the Malibu beaches. 


This view of the ocean was just spectacular.  Once I’m up there I just want to keep going until I reach the shore, but time wasn’t on my side neither was the weather.  This particular time of the year you must start real early and bring plenty of water for hydration.  It gets hot and dry.


Malibu Canyon road is one of the highways that takes you from the valley to the ocean.  An easy commute and a beautiful one. After a really good rainy season it reminds me of Hawaii.   Being such a dry arid region, it’s incredible when everything is green and lush, considering,  Los Angeles is a chaparral, which is just another form of a desert

  A SoCal girl living in a hiking world. Enjoying life in the mountains of Los Angeles California.  Blessed to be in such a beautiful place.

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