Speed Limit 40

Thousand Oaks Ventura county
Speed Limit 40

The cool thing about doing photo shoots are the locations.  Each location is definitely a learning curve.  This particular one was one of the funniest ones that I have been on.  I would say their were potential dangers looming.  One of our encounters was this spot in particular.  These weeds are serious weapons when they are dry.  They have the most insane prickly ends.  They were stuck to my tires, the soles of my shoes, my handbag, whatever it managed to attach itself to.  I told the model, DO NOT step down barefoot.  This would mean a 911 call for sure.  Another incident was the horses, beautiful but, potential danger ( see portfolio page ).  One of the horses thought that her finger was a carrot.  We learned palms down and if they get a finger, squeeze mouth.  Duly noted I might say.  Lastly, remember to look both ways before crossing.  We almost got hit by cars so many times.  Just two giggly girls having way to much fun.

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