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LaVonne Grady Photography Graduation Portraits


This wonderful young lady was such a pleasure shooting with.  I’ve known Sarah for awhile and have gotten very fond of this wonderful woman.  She brightens up your day with her amazing humor and chill sensibility.  She was a natural even though she didn’t think so.   I love how she took direction and went with the flow.  That to me is where you get some great pictures.  I hope the best for Sarah and till the next photo shoot.

I find the best way to get people comfortable is:

1. Tell them it’s just test shots. So just move around and go with the flow for awhile.  This is a great tactic for them to not feel that they are on.  Once you get the shot you can show them that they are doing fantastic.

2.  Talk to them and ask about their week.  Having open conversation allows people to loosen up even more.  Once you build the repertoire, they build confidence.

3.  Let them move freely for a moment so they understand that it’s not always some kind of stiff pose, but to tell a story.

4.  It’s easier when you know the person.


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