Versaille France


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Photography by: LaVonne Grady

So amazing and beautiful the Palace of Versaille.  I love coming especially for the gardens.  We wondered around so many different mazes of the gardens by foot and by golf cart.  The golf cart was a fun little adventure and it made sure that you stayed on course.  If you didn’t, the cart stalled.  So many times it stalled on me and I had to reverse it.  It was quite embarrassing.  But eventually I got the hang of it.

There are so many little spots to hang out in the gardens and see spectacular fountains and a water show.  You can also ngo for a canoe rides.  We decided to take that cart wherever it would take us.  Versaille is a quaint little city.  You can shop and have a drink along the city streets of the Palace.  We had a great time meeting cool people and hanging out at the local pubs.


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