Paramount Ranch


One of my passions is the love of photography another one is hiking.  I live in southern California, where there is a mecca of trails up and down this state.  But for a large city like Los Angeles there are great hikes in the back of your yard so to speak. 


My friend and I decided to do a little adventure of our own and check out something that we have never been on.  Paramount Ranch is amazing.  Funny how I lived within 10 miles and never been there.  It’s almost like saying I live in Anaheim and never been to Disneyland.  A little embarrassing.  Well I got to do both of my favorite things this day and I sure had a lot fun with my partner in crime.  Shooting photos with this lady till we’re 95.


More photos on the homepage. 
Photo cred myself and Maryam Khorram.  Editing myself. 

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